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Outlook Commander will quickly unclutter your Inbox for you.  With a single click, it will automatically unsubscribe you from all these unwanted newsletters and other emails that have taken over your account!  Fast and effortless. And if additional confirmations are need to unsubscribe you - we'll take care of it.  A unique service.

And it does even more...

Do you need to send a confidential message that should not stick around?  A message that will self-destruct after being viewed?  Now you can do it with Outlook Commander's "Send with Self-Destruct"!

And there is still more.  Outlook Commander is a collection of Outlook enhancements designed to save you time, and make things easier.  Try it now!

Quick intro, see what Outlook Commander can do for you:

Simple and powerful features:
Outlook Commander is easy-to-use, reliable, designed to solve every day problems.


Unwanted Newsletters are relentless.  They seem to come from everywhere, unsolicited, in increasing numbers.  You can hunt for that 'unsubscribe' link in these messages, but where is this $#%@! link?!

Outlook Commander makes this clean-up task a lot simpler: just select the unwanted emails, and click the "Unsubscribe" button, and see how you (finally) get unsubscribed effortlessly, with just this click.  And if the unsusbcription requires additional confirmations, we'll take care of these too. 


Now and then you need to send confidential information that you don't want to be further forwarded or staying in an Inbox.  They are "see it and then destroy" kind of messages.  Like sending a password, or confidential spreadsheets.

Outlook Commander comes to the rescue to let you send messages that will self-destruct after being read, or after a day, or after a week - whatever you decide.  The information will disappear, and you won't have to worry about any traces.


You write your email and sometimes you wish you could color your words with the right emotion.  You can insert a Windows 10 Emoji (Win + .), but why are they so ugly?!  Nah. 

That's where Outlook Commander comes to the rescue. You can invoke and insert its beautiful  "Emoticons/Emojis" in any of your emails or replies, underline your expressed emotion, and do all of this with grace and style. 


You receive an email asking for your availability for a 2 hour meeting over the next few days.  Your immediate thought? "Just great, now I have to spend countless minutes combing through my Calendar to find a series of open time slots... grr".

That scenario happens to all of us.  Fortunately, with Outlook Commander you can insert your "Meeting Availability" with just a few clicks.  Pick the meeting length, suggested dates, and see how your availability is inserted in your reply, like magic.  You can edit at will, it's pretty much effortless.


When you delete an email or calendar event, the item doesn't really get deleted.  Everything gets collected in the Deleted Items folder, and you are left having to eventually clean up this trash manually. 

That is until now.  Outlook Commander let's you define whether an item hitting the Deleted Items folder should be actually automatically deleted.  You may want to automate the deletion of just emails, or just meetings/appointments, or both.  Or neither.  It is your choice!


Ever tried to Reply to an email wanting to keep the attachments in the reply, so you can for example add recipients who were forgotten?  Nop, Outlook doesn't let you do this.

But now you can.  Outlook Commander adds this feature to your finger tip, and it works exactly as you would expect.  Hit "Reply With Attachments" and see the original email's files attached in your reply.  Just like you wanted.

How Outlook Commander works

Outlook Commander is a Microsoft Outlook Add-In.  It is designed to seamlessly integrate within Outlook and offer its features and capabilities within your normal workflow.


You start by downloading and then running the Outlook Commander setup program.  This is a fast and easy process that installs Outlook Commander on your Windows system.  Upon restarting Outlook, you'll see Outlook Commander's buttons and context menus fully integrated within your Outlook Mail and Calendar.



After installing Outlook Commander, you'll see a new Ribbon group in Outlook named "Outlook Commander". These added buttons will let you Unsubscribe to a newsletter with one click, and do even more.  You'll also find an Outlook Commander group and its buttons when you create a new email, letting you send your message safely, add emojis and more.



Outlook Commander can be customized to your liking, letting you turn features on or off, adjust features and create the environment that best suits your needs.


Outlook Commander enhances Outlook with many capabilities that make managing your emails and calendar easier and faster.  Go ahead, try it now.


"We use Outlook Commander all the time, every day.  It has become essential for me and my co-workers.  It keeps my Inbox uncluttered. We couldn't imagine Outlook without it!"
- H. Fritzer


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